Find out about our tokenomics token, which can be your reference in the future to become part of Minswap holders.

Initial Supply

We released 50% of Supply equitably to PancakeSwap Liquidity and disposed of the liquidity lock.


We allocate 10% for the long term development of Minswap to continuously improve the platform.


We burn 40% of supply tokens to dead wallets, and we will further burn up to 60% to dead wallets

Upcoming Swap , Stack & Bridge Multi Chain Protocol

will have solid users of all decentralized platforms, ever. And these users will trust the Minswap platform to generate passive income.

Our Teams

This is our first team at this time, our team fully contributes to this open project.

Kimoto Yasunobu

Project Cordinator

Machida Mitsuru

Project Lead

Ichioka Sakae

Social Media Manager

Mitsugu Hisaya

Blockchain Engineer